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Due to unblockable use by parasitic spammers, I've decided to close the Guest book. I have really enjoyed your comments over the years and I'm awfully disappointed that I can't continue to make the Guest book available for the fans who choose to write... We'll certainly keep trying to find a way to open it again.

Comments: I enjoyed your performance last night at the Civic Centre. You are a natural performer and I look forward this summer to see you perform as Marilla. Thank Laura for being the beauty you truly are. Love and Peace Diane 
From: Diane Gillis
Date: 9th Mar 2006 22:24:33
Location: Port Hawksbury - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I'm gobsmacked by the way you do Stan Rogers' song "Song of the Candle" which I heard at a friend's house. Will you be coming to Vancouver at all in the near future? Sure would be great! 
From: Abby Schwarz
Date: 7th Mar 2006 23:30:20
Location: Vancouver - B.C.
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: We saw you several years ago at the Blacksheep Inn. It would be good to see you back again. 
From: Bunty
Date: 7th Mar 2006 00:49:54
Location: Ottawa - ON

Comments: Hi Laura. My little sisters name is Laura Smith. My names Amy Smith From Amyxxxxxxxx 
From: Amy
Date: 4th Mar 2006 14:51:25
Location: scotland - united states - Glasgow
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Do you have any plans to perform in Toronto or Ontario in the near future? 
From: Alvy Newman
Date: 21st Feb 2006 19:42:16
Location: Toronto - Ontario - Canadea
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: my name is the same as yours!!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 16th Feb 2006 14:09:12
Location: milwaukee - WI - usa

Comments: My husband and I attended your concert at Centre Stage, Kentville,N.S. and both really enjoyed it. Will you be doing anymore concerts in the annapolis valley. I especially like "My Bonny". 
From: Ardythe Lantz
Date: 31st Jan 2006 16:25:00
Location: Scotts Bay - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Do you anticipate coming to Ottawa in 2006? Sure would love to see you in concert this year. Miss your music. Any new CD's coming? Sure hope so. Gates Cooney 
From: Gates Cooney
Date: 29th Jan 2006 17:24:28
Location: Ottawa - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My newly found beau recently introduced me to your music, more specifically your "Vanity Pressed" CD. Your voice is truely amazing Laura and I cannot thank you enough for sharing this gift of yours. Recently I have been going through many challenges in my life and listening to your music brings a sort of tranquility over it all... I hope to see you play in Saint John, Fredericton or Moncton soon. I wish I would have known you were in Moncton recently as I would definately have gone to hear you. All the best! Cheers! 
From: Nicole Landry
Date: 25th Jan 2006 07:51:05
Location: Saint John - New Brunswick - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I am many years behind in my musical education, obviously. I read of Anne & Gilbert in the late spring, and as I was going to be vacationing in PEI, checked out ticket availability and saw the show the first Tuesday, after the Monday August holiday. I enjoyed it immensely, and in particular this Marilla woman, played by this person named Laura Smith. I had never heard of her, and the program had no material on the performers. One attendee said she was a veteran Maritimes performer. Fast forward to recent weeks when I stumbled over Vanity Pressed in an Ottawa shop and wondered, is it the same person? It seemed Canadian enough, but hard to tell because Marilla was somewhat, ah, older than Laura seemed to be . But I said I would google to check, and here I am at this website now. I just want to say, Laura, Anne & Gilbert was a great show, you were great, and I bought the CD soundtrack .already. And now I'm going back to buy Vanity Press at the CD store. Regards 
From: Doug Yonson
Date: 24th Jan 2006 16:00:56
Location: Ottawa
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura; Miss seeing you perform. When will you be in the Toronto area again? Perhaps the Hugh's Room. Love your music Cheers Gloria 
From: Gloria Dowden
Date: 20th Nov 2005 15:04:19
Location: Ajax - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Another Laura Smith to add to the list! 
From: Laura L Smith
Date: 18th Nov 2005 21:33:24
Location: Bryson City - North Carolina - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: yep.. a cheesehead Laura Smith... woohoo!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 18th Nov 2005 20:39:05
Location: Wisconsin - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: oohhhh my god you guys!..... you're not going to believe this man, but my name is Laura Smith too!!!!!!!!!! What a coincidence! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 13th Nov 2005 19:45:01
Location: Leeds - UK

Comments: Look what we have in common!!! I searched our name on google and yours is the first site that came up!!! Cool!!! Nice site!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 8th Nov 2005 22:01:20
Location: London - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: yaaaay, its fun having you at acadia! Never knew you were famous! 
From: greg
Date: 5th Nov 2005 00:09:41
Location: Fredericton - NB - CANADA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hey! Just wanted to say hi, and we share the same name! = ) 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 4th Nov 2005 23:09:06
Location: Indianapolis - IN - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi I am 11 years old and i am called laura smith!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 30th Oct 2005 13:09:14
Location: Kent, England

Comments: Hello!!!! My name is Laura Smith too!!!!! and im as sad as you lot!!! 
From: Laura Smith!!!!
Date: 25th Oct 2005 06:24:12
Location: Coventry - England

Comments: Hi Laura, Tomorrow I turn 50. The last month I have been pondering life, what it is and what mine has been. I have come to the the profound recognition that more than likely I have fewer days ahead of me now than I have behind me. Tomorrow I am having a gathering of the important women in my life. I thought you should know that you should be there. Your music has inspired, moved, empowered, and lifted me. Thanks. I hope you come to Toronto soon. Peace, love and be groovy, Gloria 
From: Gloria Murrant
Date: 14th Oct 2005 21:43:52
Location: Toronto - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hello my names laura to. I belive i am you in the future. I love ur music n cant wait to come to ur concert. Can i have some free tickets please for me n my friend helen. I belive you are the greatest thing that ever did walk this planet 
Date: 14th Oct 2005 06:21:10

Comments: Hi! My name is Laura Smith too, and i hope your singing career goes well! 
From: Laura
Date: 11th Oct 2005 13:32:28
Location: Doncaster - England

Comments: Just sittin' here in kindof a blue funk. Amazing tune comes on the box. What the heck is that, I'm wonderin'?? Why it's YOU singin' your wonderful tune Gypsy Dream! Laura, you saved my day. Thanks! 
From: curly bob amos
Date: 8th Oct 2005 19:12:06
Location: Portland - OR - United States
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hiya ur webby iz wkd im called laura smith to nd ma m8z cal iz loz!!!!! XxXxXxXxXxXcya hunsXxXxXxXxXxX 
From: laura smith
Date: 7th Oct 2005 13:09:50

Comments: On Friday evening in Victoria By The Sea, i went to see Anne and Gilbert. It was as fine a production as i have ever seen. Laughed so hard but wept and wept when you sang your have such grace and a gentle power. Thanks for making pei home for a while. It is a play made for that theatre but if it has to go bigger to make money then consider the Jubilee in Summerside. 
From: emily schurman
Date: 4th Sep 2005 23:28:22
Location: summerside - pei - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Loved your performance as Marilla. Your talent continues to shine. 
From: Not Laura
Date: 27th Aug 2005 08:21:05

Comments: You're a great, great singer. I love your version of "My Bonny" How can I buy this record? Go on like this, Laura Sincerely yours, 
From: Dirk Willemyns
Date: 24th Aug 2005 10:22:38
Location: Oostkerke - West Flanders - Belgium
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hey Laura; great web site. hope you will play at the Ironhorse in Northampton, Ma. would be great to hear you in a live show again...haven't had that enjoyable opportunity since my days in Halifax...hope you are well and happy all the best Tom 
From: Tom Romard
Date: 23rd Aug 2005 08:54:55
Location: Keene - NH - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hiya huns im called laura smith 2 iv alredi wrote in dis guestbook but i luv da website so much iv wrote init agen!!!!!! cya bbz 
From: laura smith!!!!!aka loz
Date: 20th Aug 2005 08:52:06

Comments: I heard My Bonnie yesterday on CBC radio, I went to HMV today to buy it and they told me that your albums are discontinued. I am so dissappointed. How can I buy that album? I need it... now that I have heard that amazing rendition, I must have it. I searched on the web and found this site... can you tell me where to find it? Many thanks for your beautiful voice. Mark 
From: Mark Piche
Date: 17th Aug 2005 21:25:12
Location: Mississauga - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: A message for Sandie from Australia since you didn't post an @ddress. I no longer have a distributor in Australia, but I send quite a few copies of my cd, "B'tween the Earth and My Soul" there via mail order. (Total cost is $30USD). B'tween... is the album where I originally recorded My Bonny or, you could purchase a copy of the compilation album "Fire in the Kitchen" where I recorded my version of My Bonny with the Chieftains. (labelled My Bonnie on that album) It was the wonderful Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains who arranged for My Bonny to be in "Agnes Browne" ... I'm so glad you took the time to let me know you enjoyed the song. Regards, Laura 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 14th Aug 2005 11:57:11
Location: working on - P.E.I. - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I have just seen "Agnes Browne" and enjoyed it enormously. But of all the music I heard on that movie, I enjoyed "My Bonnie" the most. Thank you Laura for having such a lovely voice. Going to look to see where I can find some of your CD's now, and will share them with all my friends. 
From: Sandie
Date: 14th Aug 2005 05:26:36
Location: Auckland - New Zealand

Comments: I saw you perform " My Bonny" in the production of NeedFire and have been hooked ever since. Keep going. 
From: Dennis Lusty
Date: 4th Aug 2005 15:44:05
Location: toronto - ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: i am called laura smith 2 nd ma m8s call iz loz tho!!!!!!! 
From: laura smith!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 31st Jul 2005 07:29:33

Comments: I have a friend named laura smith............But she is a kid!!!!! 
From: alicia
Date: 29th Jul 2005 11:58:46
Location: new brunswick - canada

Comments: I am the best Laura Smith EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
From: Laura (the actuall best) Smith
Date: 20th Jul 2005 07:32:02
Location: New York - USA

Comments: I just wanted to say your voice is amazing !!!! I listened many, many, many times in a row to "My Bonnie" at midnight on my Ipod with a belly full of whiskey standing in the bright full moon looking at the ocean on a pounding beach in Byron Bay in Australia missing my Bonnie half a world away in Switzerland. Amazing experience !!!! Thanks for that !! I'll order a CD as soon as I return to the states. Cheers Bill 
From: Bill Robison
Date: 29th Jun 2005 03:33:09
Location: Seattle - WA - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I said I'd start up a website for everyone called Laura Smith so here it is: Please visit it! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 28th Jun 2005 14:09:55

Comments: Hi Laura...Just planning summer vacation working backwards from the gang of 50's birthday party in Iona,to the Baddeck Gathering's,the Red Shoe and I am delighted to include you at the women of voices concert.You and the drummers, dam it's gonna be good. I must try and find Nanci O'Hearn now. Love, love, love your music, there are not enough good song writers and singers,luckily Cape Breton has got the fiddle well covered though with the likes of Mairi Rankin, Dwayne Cote, Raymond Ellis and a whole lot more. Take Care and sing on sweet voice. jo-ann 
From: jo-ann macdougall
Date: 20th Jun 2005 21:28:03
Location: Toronto - Ont - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: my name is laura smith too! but i am the best laura smith woo yeh! i am sooooo famous and great u arent as famous as me! jokes luv ya really, i am more famous though! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 13th Jun 2005 07:35:24
Location: bob town - bobstate - australia
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: i love this page please keep on the good work 
From: imo aba
Date: 11th Jun 2005 16:19:28
Location: ASaba - gugu huti - benin
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: i love this page please keep on the good work 
From: imo aba
Date: 11th Jun 2005 16:18:33
Location: ASaba - gugu huti - benin
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: i love this page please keep on the good work 
From: imo aba
Date: 11th Jun 2005 16:11:18
Location: ASaba - gugu huti - benin
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: U stolar meh namm, I r teh anngri. U r teh bed, I get Uz. All for Wholphin. 
From: laura roden
Date: 8th Jun 2005 09:19:23
Location: z-land - N.B. - z-land
Email: [email protected]  

From: ASaba Owerri
Date: 7th Jun 2005 12:33:34
Location: aba - lagos
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My name's Laura Smith too! But there are probably millions of people with the same names as me, maybe I should start up a website for us. 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 7th Jun 2005 12:23:33

Comments: Hi!Laura i have a sister name laura smith and i love your music 
From: Ashley smith
Date: 5th Jun 2005 16:21:30
Location: coulmbus - ga - united state
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Your songs touch the souls of all who hear you. As a songwriter myself, you have given me inspiration beyond imagination. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world. 
From: Elizabeth Van Dyke
Date: 3rd Jun 2005 22:22:51
Location: Lombard - IL. - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi there My folks told me to check you out. They somehow heard a song or two or yours? I was dissapointed to see there wasn't a sampling of your music on your website. What's up with that? 
From: jean White
Date: 18th May 2005 20:56:20
Location: Toronto - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Just wanted to thank you for your albums. I'm a painter and they're good company. Only things that broke me open there for a long time. You do good. Take care. 
From: rocky green
Date: 18th May 2005 11:43:51
Location: maynooth - ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Very nice site. Will sure visit again.  
From: John
Date: 15th May 2005 23:41:37
Location: Houston - Texas - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I have to say, I'm partial to the original version of My Bonny that Laura recorded on her album "B'tween the Earth and My Soul"... but the Chieftains version is grand too. Christine, I think you mean Jurgen Gothe who has the show Disc Drive 
From: Hello.
Date: 2nd May 2005 09:27:15
Location: Canada

Comments: I teach art to middleschoolers in Ferndale and have a 40 min. commute each way. When I cannot handle the daily news, which is frequent, I listen to CBC. Eric (not quite right) Goff has a fine 3-6 show daily, knows his music well and is highly eclectic. Soo, I was driving down Chuckanut Drive, hugging the bay and My Bonnie comes on, lighting the car with its bittersweet, almost painful beaute. I had to pull over and just listen. "Well," he says (eric or whatever his name is), "I've heard Laura Smith sing My Bonnie in many versions, but this is her best. On the Chieftains album, Fire in the Kitchen. I play it for my students at school, and when I played it for my very Irish (descended) husband, he cried. It is so stunningly beautiful. Thank you. 
From: Christine Wardenenburg-Skinner
Date: 30th Apr 2005 20:02:14
Location: Edison - WA - usa
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I had not heard your music until this weekend, when I saw an HBO movie and heard your song "My Bonnie". It was terrific! I hope that you will have a concert in Texas in the not too distant future. Smithville, Texas is southeast of Austin, Texas, a real music city. Put on your boots and your cowboy hat and come visit Texas. 
From: Warren Lewis IV
Date: 26th Apr 2005 00:40:14
Location: Smithville - Texas - USA

Comments: Laura you are the greatest ! Your recording of My Bonnie is priceless.Where have you been all my life? Send me a catalogue. Regards, Syd. 
From: syd cartwright
Date: 19th Apr 2005 16:28:44
Location: calgary - alberta - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I hope to see you when you come to Ottawa. Is George Antoniak coming too? Love to meet you. I know George from 36 years ago when he was just starting his Musical career in Storm. 
From: Val Johnson
Date: 11th Apr 2005 13:21:20
Location: ottawa - On - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Yours is the sweetest sound.Everyone can relate to the lyrics in your songs. Please come to London Ont. soon. 
From: Stephen Riley
Date: 5th Apr 2005 01:02:05
Location: St. Thomas - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi. I think having so many Laura Smith's writing in my guest book is very cool. Thank you. So, Laura Smith from Wales, I'd love to go to Wales and sing. Make it so. Ta, Laura 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 31st Mar 2005 17:07:12
Location: Nova Scotia - Canada

Comments: Hey how are all you laura Smith's? We haven't really heard much o your singing here in Wales (UK) so common show all us welsh what you have got :) 
From: laura smith
Date: 31st Mar 2005 16:20:49
Location: bangor - WALES

Comments: Hi, Very nice site! Have a look at ours also, at the free newsletter and resource site for Musicians, Composers and Songwriters. Each issue includes a featured article, reviews of chosen Musical Instruments, Music Gears, Apps, VST/DX plugins, Audio Sample Libraries, Site of the Day and much more. 
From: Alex
Date: 17th Mar 2005 05:56:42
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My name is Laura Smith too!!I love u!!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 9th Mar 2005 00:33:34
Location: - - - - -

Comments: im laura smith 2, u have inspired me 2 become a musical genius, thank youxxx 
From: laura smith
Date: 8th Mar 2005 08:22:33
Location: highley - u.k
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hey there, I'm part of the Laura Smith club. I'm 22 and from Burlington VT. I attend the University of Vermont and I'm graduating this year with a social work degree. I'm artsy and imaginative, and think that laura smiths rock 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 4th Mar 2005 13:40:14
Location: Burlington - VT - U.S.A.
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I enjoyed visiting your website, and invite you to visit ours as well, Artistopia at We are an artist development resource for musicians, singers, and songwriters. Keep up the good work! 
From: Amanda
Date: 26th Feb 2005 00:26:23
Location: Alexandria - Virginia - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Give me my name back ha! you rock!! 
From: laura smith
Date: 11th Feb 2005 08:34:41
Location: wales

Comments: I think you're fab and as a name sake I am proud to hold the name! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 28th Jan 2005 10:12:47
Location: Fareham - England
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hi we luvv you we have been away for a while n we've just cum bak n visited your site first. we've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amy wanted to cum and see you but i told her that we were unable to because we didn't have the funds sorry!!!!! love to you xxxxxxxx 
From: laura smith n amy schooling
Date: 21st Jan 2005 06:17:38
Location: london - england

Comments: hi laura how can one find out more about your concerts? where to buy your cd's? where do u live? do u still do night club acts? 
From: mona smith
Date: 30th Dec 2004 00:59:05
Location: kingston - ontario - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hey laura!!!!!! i miss you so much i wish i could see you !!! my whole family misses you ! well gotta go! love you ! bye! 
From: Kelly Cockrill
Date: 23rd Dec 2004 12:59:26
Location: Raleigh - North Carolina - US

Comments: Hi..sorry I don't have the same name as you but hope you find time to visit the Boston/Providence area in 2005 anyway. Would love to see you in concert. 
From: Jim Boone
Date: 22nd Dec 2004 15:32:03
Location: Easton - Ma - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: my name is laura smith too what a coincidence? 
From: laura smith
Date: 21st Dec 2004 09:10:37

Comments: Hi I was playing about on the inet &found; that you have hte same name as me as well as a ton of other people! Probs cos its a fab nameLOL Did you kno that our name is also shared by a jazz singer who dies in 1932 in NY? Newayz BYE! 
From: Laura SMith
Date: 15th Dec 2004 07:46:10
Location: Staffordshire - ENGLAND!!!

Comments: Laura, I saw you preform at the Vancouver Folk festival about 7 years ago, and yours was one of 2 CD's I bought, inspired by the performance of your Bonnie song. For a long time it was our official Saturday moring start off CD, but then after a couple of moves it ended up in the bottom of a box for a while. Recently, it emmerged and my one year old and I were swirling to your gorgeous melodies, rhythms, rich passionate voice and artful lyrics. Thank you for years of enjoyment. Can you recommend 2nd CD we could try? And, did he ever come back from Austrailia? We love you! Mike 
From: The Gallagher's
Date: 8th Dec 2004 15:58:03
Location: Commerce - MI - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: WOW...oh my word...this is so neato! We have the same name. And so do like 20 other people. That is so fetch! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 7th Dec 2004 13:34:07
Location: Troy - OH - USA

Comments: G'day Laura I had a lovely conversation with John Smale the other night, and Of course we did talk about you and your music. I did mention your surprise visit to my hospital bedside while I was mending from my Heart Surgery. You were a vision indeed to see as I awoke. I hope you will have a wonderful Holiday Season and that 2005 will see you visit new territory with your music. And of course the launch of a new album of musical treasures. Bless you for the gift of your friendship. 
From: Richard Patterson #;o)~
Date: 20th Nov 2004 07:46:09
Location: Bytown - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hello, Laura Smith Just thought i would inform you that you have my name! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 19th Nov 2004 08:06:03
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: (not quite finished)....I thank God for people like you, not only have you brought me hour upon hour of enjoyment, entertainment and inspiration, but through your music you have actually made me a better person....I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THAT....your Cajun fan. 
From: Gale Anderson
Date: 14th Nov 2004 18:44:05
Location: Breaux Bridge - Louisiana - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: (ran out of room....want to finish my thoughts).. I have listened to your CD's many times over. The unique experience of hearing you perform live is something I will treasure as long as I live. Each time has been a most satisfying experience. Always I left with more than I expected. Each is like a rollercoaster ride, lots of happy moments, thrilling moments, soul searching moments, cheerful moments, touching moments, reflective moments. I think it is something everyone should put on their "to do" list. I see from your concert schedule you are taking a little break. I think that is wonderful. Hopefully in this "break time" lots of events will occur that will inspire you to return to us with renewed enthusiasm, new insights and more of your wonderful songs. We, your fans, look forward to your return with great anticipation. I thank God for people like you. Not only have you brought me hour upon hour of enjoyment, entertainment and inspiration, but through your music you have actually made me a bett 
From: Gale Anderson
Date: 14th Nov 2004 18:37:26
Location: Breaux Bridge - Louisiana - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: This Cajun has been meaning to write this entry for a long time, but just kept putting it off. I am listening to "B'tween the Earth and My Soul" and the tears are just pouring, I thought to myself...myself...this is the time to make an here goes. Your music is some of the MOST POWERFUL I have ever heard. You have an AWSOME TALENT..not only in the melodies you write, in the arrangements you deliver, in the moving lyrics you create,but your talent comes in that you REALLY CREATE MUSIC. You combine all the elements and deliver yourself to us in your music. Like you are telling us "here I am, this is what I am feeling, I know you can feel this with me, come, let's experience these emotions, these memories, these experiences, let's do it together". I think it is this sharing of yourself with us in your music that makes you so TOTALLY UNIQUE. When I listen to your music it is like you are holding my hand and sharing that moment with me. What a talent!! I have listened to your CD's many times over 
From: Gale Anderson
Date: 14th Nov 2004 18:29:26
Location: Breaux Bridge - Louisiana - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi to Laura and friends From all @ Pressure Radio Live Dj's every evening (get involved) 
From: Pressure (internet) Radio
Date: 12th Nov 2004 18:16:16
Location: london - ENGLAND
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hi, we r back again! jus thought we'd pay ur site a visit n let u kno that we'r ok, hope u r ok 2. my irish m8 hannah sez hi 2. 
From: laura smith and amy schooling
Date: 3rd Nov 2004 10:23:09
Location: london - england

Comments: I picked up a copy of "B'tween the earth and my Soul". I now have added goals in my life and that is to hear you in concert and tell the world about your special works. 
From: John Ripchensky
Date: 30th Oct 2004 09:58:47
Location: Montreal - Quebec - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I am sitting here in my study in austria, filing stuff for my lessons, a boring job, I am listening to "between the earth and my soul", fine music 
From: angelika klimscha
Date: 26th Oct 2004 12:40:35
Location: wieselburg - austria
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: OMG, i didnt know that soooo many people are named Laura Smith, VERY common i guess, but the funny thing is your the only one that i've actually known named laura smith, and there are like 10 other laura smiths saying the exact same thing!lol 
From: Laura SMith
Date: 25th Oct 2004 23:03:36
Location: Glendora - CA - Los Angeles
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: LOL I have your name, thats really kool. lol your great! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 25th Oct 2004 23:01:31
Location: Glendora - CA - LA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Just recommended that WUMB in Boston have a listen to your music. We have enjoyed it for years and would love to hear it in the mix on WUMB. Are you going to be in Toronto or London performing in the near future? 
From: fred
Date: 9th Oct 2004 10:52:36
Location: toronto - on - can
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: me n amy visit your site often we really love your music, n ur sites cool amy got us first interested as she heard your music through her mum. n we jus love you!!! x 
From: laura smith and amy schooling
Date: 1st Oct 2004 07:33:03
Location: london - uk

Comments: Just listening to My Bonnie, and it takes me back to the times when I grew up. Listening to all the wonderful music from Cape Breton. What a treat it is to sit here on Martha's Vineyard, MA. and hear your beautiful voice. I rememember back in the day when I was growing up in Breton Cove, and went to a New Years Eve party at the "Banana Farrm" and you were there, I was so young and can barely remember, but you were singing and playing your guitar and it just makes me feel so at home to listen to you sing. Hope all is well. AFA, Jovian 
From: Jovian Kerr
Date: 30th Sep 2004 01:15:08
Location: Victoria County - NS - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: hey i have the same name as u 
From: laura smith
Date: 20th Sep 2004 09:09:37
Location: exeter - england

Comments: Hey Laura! omg! we have the same name! that is so awesome! i love your music! you inspire me, so keep on doing what you do best! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 18th Sep 2004 23:14:05
Location: Prince George - Canada

Comments: OMG!!!I have the same name as u!!!n u have gd music 
From: Laura Smith!!!
Date: 18th Sep 2004 20:29:07
Location: Allandale - Scotland

Comments: Just heard a song of yours (I make friends easily?) on the radio and really liked it. If you come all the way out west please let me know as I'd love to see you live :) Respect, Jonny 
From: Jonny
Date: 7th Sep 2004 13:28:48
Location: Victoria - BC - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Greetings Laura...I was wondering if you will be coming to the Truro area any time soon. Remember when you were here last, you admired my bone (ladies face) necklace? It was lovely to see you in person, and to hear you sing. Blessings, Laurie 
From: Laurie Dobbs
Date: 12th Aug 2004 22:55:55
Location: R.R.#1 Brookfield - N.S. - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura, I was just introduced to your music over the internet, when listending to Folk Alley. Wonderful. I tried to purchase a CD, but you did not show on the Amazon. com "search". Talk to those folks. I will still be looking for your CDs. Thanks. Joe 
From: Joe Kames
Date: 10th Aug 2004 13:54:03
Location: Freehold - NY
Email: [email protected]  

Date: 3rd Aug 2004 21:01:25
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Love your music .... especially live performances....miss seeing you at the National Milton Acorn Poetry Festivals in PEI.. that festival launched many artists!! You have a wonderful way with an make everyone feel 'special'. Thank you for sharing your music... love Donna 
From: Donna Allard
Date: 30th Jul 2004 17:51:11
Location: Moncton - NB - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My wife and I were on holiday for the first time in Canada driving from Golden, BC to Radium and heard "My Bonnie" on the radio. It has become the theme music to all memories of that and subsequent holidays there 
From: Ron Cannell
Date: 30th Jul 2004 11:07:11
Location: Manchester - UK
Email: [email protected]  

Date: 22nd Jul 2004 08:38:33
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura- had the good fortune to see you in Saint John on July 10th where your beautiful voice and lyrics once again inspired your audience. Many thanks for a riveting performance. Stay well and come back soon! 
From: Moira Wilson
Date: 11th Jul 2004 22:18:07
Location: Saint John - N.B. - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Just purchased my first CD ("Fire In The Kitchen") and heard you for the first time. "My Bonnie" takes my breath away and I listen to it over and over again. I have purchased 2 of your CD's and can hardly wait til they arrive. I wish you would tour in Southern California. PS...Does anyone out there have the lyrics to "My Bonnie"? Please. Thanks a bunch and God bless you all. 
From: Phyllis Schultz
Date: 10th Jul 2004 10:15:14
Location: USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi ya! I have a friend called Laura Smith and she is also a song writer, singer and also plays the guitar and drums. She says hi! U r her idol! 
From: A
Date: 31st May 2004 09:33:44
Location: Not telling - Mind ur own business - The Mooon

Comments: my mate carolyn moth really loves your music shes 17 today 
From: laura smith and amy schooling
Date: 18th May 2004 05:46:03
Location: london - england

Comments: Dear Laura, Delighted to find your harbour on the sea of tanquility. Hopefully find some music available soon. I cannot forget your tones and smiles. All the best, Take Care in your travels. As always your GUY ( Gee de la Roux)..................etd.etc Hope this makes it through the ether. 
Date: 14th May 2004 17:31:13
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hey.we have the same name!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 12th May 2004 11:27:27
Location: England

Comments: Laura, we heard from you the first time by Doug Lang, with his radio show For Better Days , with your song My Bonnie we fell in love the verry first time with your voice 
From: Thea and Wim
Date: 10th May 2004 16:31:56
Location: Hoorn - NH - Netherlands
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: laura you are agreat maga.nice site keep it up.i like maga 
Date: 22nd Apr 2004 02:36:17
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura,Gilles and I loved our evening at Saddlers Cafe in Miramichi.Introduced 4 more friends to your music last night,you've got new fans!We are all impressed by the deepness of your lyrics and enjoy your beautiful soulful voice.Of course we can't forget George, what a sweetheart, to hear him make love to thoses guitars is just incredible.Can't wait for him to get a cd out there, and you'll certainly have buyers for your next one also. Love your new song Linda Gallant 
From: Linda Gallant
Date: 17th Apr 2004 14:00:57
Location: Collette - nouveaun bruunswick - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

From: bob bazley
Date: 4th Apr 2004 18:52:06
Location: keswick - cumbria - england
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura, Just want to tell you that I have SO enjoyed listening to your music ever since I first saw you in Yellowknife ten (?) years ago. Thank you! Karen 
From: Karen
Date: 1st Apr 2004 15:00:45
Location: Windsor - Ontario
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I heard you interviewed on National Public Radio some years ago here in the US. I was very moved by your thoughts on how music works in our lives, and was impelled to pull my car to the side of the road so that I could listen intently to your rendition of "My Bonnie." I have been hoping someday to see you perform in person in Southern California. Please let me know when your travels bring you to our area. 
From: Robert Righetti
Date: 1st Apr 2004 05:05:52
Location: Idyllwild - CA - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I saw/heard you in Calgary. You sing from your soul. You know a great deal about love and loss. I laughed and wept all through your show. You are a jewel! Alphonse 
From: Alphonse Seward
Date: 24th Mar 2004 20:54:10
Location: Maple Ridge - BC - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: About 10? years ago heard you on NPR radio, bought your album (My Bonny is riveting) and later 'lost' it during a partnership split. Now I hope to replace the wonderful music that has been missing from my life. I'm so excited!!!! Oh how I wish you would come to perform in Washington. You're the best!!!! 
From: Ivan Sinkler
Date: 24th Mar 2004 01:27:41
Location: Olympia - WA - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura, Last night's concert at Fulford Hall was our first time hearing you sing in person. We were "blown away" and hope you will return again to wow us with your magnificent voice and superb songs. 
From: Elna Gravelle
Date: 23rd Mar 2004 16:29:24
Location: Saltspring Island - British Columbia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: At Laura's recent concert in Turner Valley I became totally involved in her voice, words and completely drawn in by the mood(s) she so easily created. I look forward to this years' folk festival appearance - just Edmonton, or Calgary as well, Laura? 
From: Marion Bowen
Date: 19th Mar 2004 12:45:43
Location: Okotoks - Alberta - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: how lovely to see/hear you again at the Arden last night. we have missed you this past while. have spent the whole morning listening to all of your albums on shuffle....what a treat... any thought of the folk fests this year? 
From: debbie reid
Date: 13th Mar 2004 14:56:46
Location: edmonton - ab
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura, your website is very nice!!! We are J&S; italian dj and producers house music. Please listen our new release Hidden Sky 
From: J&S; Project
Date: 22nd Feb 2004 05:28:53
Location: naples - na - italy
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura you are a beautiful song writer. For the past couple of weeks I have been working away on the final sections of my Masters thesis; listening to your music (Vanity Pressed Collection) has kept me going, serving as an inspiration during the tougher moments of my writing. "My favorites are Armistice Day," "My Gate's Wide Open," and "So Close to my Knees." 
From: Robert A. Martel
Date: 20th Feb 2004 21:27:36
Location: Halifax - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: What a wonderful concert at the Center in the Square last Thursday. I (as well as my guests) was overwhelmed from your first note through the entire evening. 
From: Mike Froome
Date: 7th Feb 2004 12:41:36
Location: Waterloo - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura. Heard your album for the first time recently and was blown away. Unfortunately when I zoomed off to buy a copy I was devastated to hear from all stores that ALL of your CD's etc have been deleted from Australia. Are you touring Australia? CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE AS I AM DESPARATE TO FIND A COPY SOMEWHAERE ANYWHERE!!!!!!! 
From: Jan Armstrong
Date: 7th Feb 2004 02:56:12
Location: Brisbane - Queensland - Australia
Email: [email protected]  

From: bob bazley
Date: 4th Feb 2004 19:00:43
Location: keswick - cumbria - england
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My Bonnie Lies Over the "Ocean"...How true and yes the tramp's whisper I can hear all the time. 
From: Frank
Date: 29th Jan 2004 19:28:21
Location: Ottawa - ont - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi. Nice Page,Nice Sound! Thank You,From JAPAN.  
From: lalalala
Date: 18th Jan 2004 06:48:03
Location: Tokyo - JAPAN

Comments: Hi Sis Sorry I was not able to show up to Toronto,Will try to make Kitchener,Keep up the great work.Talk to you soon . 
From: Anne-Marie Lovie & Family
Date: 12th Jan 2004 22:48:34
Location: Exeter - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Just checking out who's at Hughsroom tonight and you happend, great site, great music. More then likly see you tonight. 
From: Gerald LeBrun
Date: 10th Jan 2004 14:10:40
Location: Toronto - On. - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I think your voice is very lovely, just thought you would like to of course know that.- Laura Smith 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 27th Dec 2003 01:16:47
Location: woodbine - Kentucky - US
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I had the pleasure of interviewing you a couple times when I was working radio in Ottawa (your 94-95 tour). Great music, great times and a great person. Congratulations on all your success!  
From: Doug Thompson
Date: 20th Dec 2003 12:48:17
Location: Georgetown - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: my name is laura smith too..find it really esciting we share the same name..have never known of you before though! 
From: Laura smith
Date: 15th Dec 2003 10:40:32
Location: Aylesbury - Bucks - England

Comments: Great website! Had the good fortune to see you in concert a couple of years ago and have been a fan ever since. Hope to hear you play again very soon. Your work is incredible....such a beautiful clear voice and the writing is extraordinary. 
From: Gates Cooney
Date: 9th Oct 2003 10:17:13
Location: Ottawa - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Excited to hear that you are finally coming back to Alberta and that you are going to be performing at the Arden Theatre in March! We have ordered our tickets and are looking forward to the "Brava" concert. 
From: sandie mason
Date: 1st Oct 2003 13:26:28
Location: edmonton - alberta - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Heard "Shade of Your Love" on CBC Radio's "Island Morning" show today and became an immediate fan. Hope to see you at Trailside Cafe tomorrow evening. 
From: George Morgan
Date: 26th Sep 2003 17:21:28
Location: Kensington - PE - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Your songs of the CD b'tween the earth and my soul are real nice to listen, it touches my soul also. I first heard your songs when I was visiting Newfoundland/St.John's 25th of july 2003, real nice songs. 
From: N/A
Date: 23rd Aug 2003 14:07:24

Comments: Cheers saw you at tonder festival danmark and still hope they book you again. still wait for a new cd, got everything available. if you ever tour gemany let me know - you have got a certain gig. 
From: gerald trebaticky
Date: 23rd Aug 2003 06:59:40
Location: germany
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I was at the Stan Roger Festival and was really impress by your singing. Yours is a clear and clean voice. Very inspiring. 
From: N/A
Date: 9th Aug 2003 19:53:20
Location: Lunenbug County - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are. I am an opera singer that grew up in Simcoe, Ontario (not far from London) and you keep me rooted to Canada and to singing every time I hear your voice. Thank you. 
From: Jessie
Date: 27th Jun 2003 12:09:52
Location: Austin - TX - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi sweet voice of unlimited delight. Was just telling a friend about the early days meeting you at the Haliburton House where you made that fataeful decision to go for your dreams instead of cooking others fantasies, before Mark and 'Open Mike' at the Flamingo, and eventual musical accolades. I'm thrilled everytime I hear the magic of your powerful pipes. Bravo Laura. Would love to chat. Byte me, eh! Choo choo!!!!! neil 
From: Neil MacDonald
Date: 24th Jun 2003 11:12:52
Location: Hfx - NS - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Date: 11th Jun 2003 22:21:37
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: A voice like a breeze through a screen porch on a long summer weekend. Thank you 
From: N/A
Date: 13th May 2003 20:05:29
Location: Guelph - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: ? are you and george A going to the stanfest this year.we would love to see you. 
From: brian nelson
Date: 12th May 2003 08:32:54
Location: halifax - n.s. - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I turn 60 yo this Sat 10th May 2003. For the big birthday surprise I'd love to hear than Laura was touring this fantastic country of Australia - especially the West Coast. I'd pack out the venue by myself each night. Thank you for your music. 
From: Ted McEvoy
Date: 7th May 2003 11:00:18
Location: Perth - Western Australia - Australia
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: My favourite song is "I Didn't Dream". I know it is sad but it is my favourite for now. Where is George Antoniak (sp?). I will keep checking your concert date page. Hope to see you in concert this year - again. 
From: N/A
Date: 31st Mar 2003 14:06:26
Location: Kingston - ON - Canada

Comments: Loved your website - really great and stylish! Guys, keep on doing the same superb thing. 
From: Robert Gallagher
Date: 28th Mar 2003 12:42:43
Location: Montreal - PQ - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Thanks for two great nights of entertainment. Your personal touch to an intimate evening helped make your music touching and powerful. Hope to see you back on the river soon Hope the "crooked" have found a cheerful location. Best to George ! 
From: Allen Adams
Date: 24th Mar 2003 11:43:10
Location: Miramichi - New Brunswick - Canada

Comments: Hi my names Laura too. Seeya Laura Smith From Laura Smith !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 21st Mar 2003 06:15:14
Location: Wigan - England

Comments: i really enjoyed our photo shoot..i hope i have captured the wonderful person that you are.  
From: kelly clark
Date: 15th Mar 2003 19:08:45
Location: hfx - NS - Ca
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Beautiful songs ,I first heard " Shades of your Love " in the 90s . The music store owners have trouble keeping copies and no one sells theirs here. 
From: N/A
Date: 21st Jan 2003 16:59:36
Location: Red Deer - Alberta - Canada

Comments: I just read your fan mail - i'm feeling (smugly) blessed as i've known your music, and have it all, for years. i also introduce others to it every chance i get ...... sure would like some more ..... any plans to record again soon .... and, if you want to come to salt spring, i can offer you a safe, welcoming, giggle filled place to stay ..... 
From: N/A
Date: 1st Dec 2002 11:01:30
Location: salt spring island - bc - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura... Saw you and the Fulford Folk Club on Salt Spring and fell in love with your music and George's guitar playing. Had my house broken into, and my music all stolen including your CD.... have replaced Fire in the Kitchen, so at least have one song, but you are not easy to come by on the west coast. Sure wish you would come back for a return engagement!!! Love your music, and am truly grateful to be able to order it over the net. Take care... 
From: Linda
Date: 20th Nov 2002 14:24:10
Location: Nanaimo - BC - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I grew up singing, "My Bonny" to my sister, Bonnie. Then I heard your version, which has settled into my heart and found purchase in my soul. You are truly a gifted vocalist. Don't ever stop singing. 
From: Susan
Date: 9th Nov 2002 00:04:04
Location: Lewiston - ID - United States
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura, I love your voice and your music. Like others on this page I first heard of you on Morningside with the late and wonderful Peter Gzowski. That was quite a while ago now and I still play what music I have a lot. It seems it's time for a concert date in Toronto. C'mon back Laura, we'd love to see you. 
From: Greg Hill
Date: 4th Nov 2002 08:25:25
Location: Toronto - ON - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Thank you, Laura, for an enchanting evening at the Trailside Cafe. It has been too long since the last time we enjoyed your music, in person. This was in the days of the Milton Acorn Festival, where, I remember, you as a pony tailed lassie with a powerful voice. I would love to one day hear you sing "Port of Amsterdam" by Jacques Brel, another gifted poet and song writer. Look forward to hearing you sing your beautiful songs next year.  
From: Richard & Helen Grove
Date: 22nd Sep 2002 21:45:22
Location: W St Peters - FL/PEI - USA/Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: We are sitting here working on a cool September day and listening to Laura Smith! My colleague Katherine introduced me to this music and I am hooked! When are you planning a concert in BC? We'll be there! 
From: Diane and Katherine
Date: 19th Sep 2002 19:16:17
Location: Vancouver - BC - Canada

Comments: Laura - I loved listening to your music when I was living in Nova Scotia. I have moved to London England, in search of old streets to roam. Do you have any plans to do a gig in Blighty? - Dave 
From: David Vernest
Date: 19th Sep 2002 09:06:02
Location: London - UK
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: First heard you at Stanfest 98 and have been captivated by your lyrics and music ever since. Your voice reflects your soul and any woman can identify with the images you create. Please come to Toronto, Niagara region soon and post your concert schedule on the web page. 
From: joanne lynagh
Date: 17th Sep 2002 16:59:49
Location: Niagara on the Lake - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hello Laura just wanted to tell you how much I love listening to your music! I hope you come to the Toronto area soon I would love to see you in concert live. You Are A Beauty!!......... Barbara LeCam Toronto, Ontario 
From: Barbara LeCam
Date: 17th Sep 2002 15:14:23
Location: Toronto - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi, What a voice...and an amazing songwriting ability to go along with it. The emotions you make people feel is a true gift. Huge fan! Have to see you live sometime!  
From: Kerry
Date: 14th Sep 2002 09:41:26
Location: Winnipeg - Manitoba - Canada

Comments: Hello Laura my beauty. I just wanted to leave a note for all your fans to read, telling them about the magical concert you gave this summer at the Rebecca Cohn in Halifax. The concert was a benefit for the Sierra Club and it was a "coming out" reunion with George Antoniak. As guest artist Jamie Younger said " George you rock !!". It was wonderful to here you and George play together again and the two of you just flow together. Cheers to you ( and roses too ). 
From: Wizard
Date: 6th Sep 2002 12:08:02
Location: Chester Basin - NS - Ca
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura... Heard 'My Bonny' on the dvd of 'Agnes Browne' this evening, and was absolutely captivated by it. What a lovely voice. What a beautiful rendition. Thank-you. 
From: George Dawson
Date: 6th Aug 2002 00:33:41
Location: Whittier - California - usa
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Saw you in Georgetown last weekend. I'm glad you felt good enough to perform. You never cease to amaze me with your talent. I really like the new songs. Especially I Built A Boat. And the one where you forgot all the words.......well, it sounds like it's got real potential at least. :-) Can't wait to see Menopositve. 
From: Shirley
Date: 31st Jul 2002 20:30:06
Location: Charlottetown - PE - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: We saw you 2 years ago at the Canmore Folk Festival where Amos Garrett backed you up superbly. When are you coming out west again? 
From: jerry donohue
Date: 24th Jul 2002 23:23:54
Location: Huntington Beach - CA - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura - I love the site and I miss you. I realize that I am also wearing out your CD's but somehow I am enjoying even the little skips! I was out in the canoe the other day and saw another wonderful site - a moose came down to the waters edge to look at me -I paddled to about 40 feet from her - such an awkward creature - thought of "I'm a Beauty" - then I saw an awkward little baby in the grass beside her - moved me to tears - just like the song. Hope you are feeling better. 
From: Ross MacDonald
Date: 9th Jul 2002 15:53:37
Location: Skir Dhu - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Dear Laura my Sister in Song I saw you and George Antoniak on channel 9 this morning, what a great way to start the day!!! I haven't seen you for TOO LONG! Laura I will never forget the wonderful concerts and shows that I sang with you as your backup vocalist...sigh... You are an inspiration!!! Best Regards, Pam 
From: Pam
Date: 7th Jul 2002 08:55:08
Location: Dartmouth - Nova Scotia
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I think that Laura Smith has the most wonderful way about her; her compositions and her wonderful way of relating her true feelings. I would love to see her in concert. Is there any way I can receive her schedule of performances in the Maritime provinces? 
From: Marthy Belliveau
Date: 6th Jul 2002 09:04:49
Location: Fredericton - New Brunswick - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Just heard about your bizarre accident with a runaway horse, and guess that the pain of your injury is 'running neck-and-neck' with your being 'hobbled' for 6 weeks and unable to perform (blame Phil's influence). We know how much you were looking forward to appearing in 'Menopositive' at the Chester Playhouse, but hope you will follow doctors' orders and be well very soon. All the best from the whole family. 
From: Maxine Gruber
Date: 6th Jul 2002 07:36:19
Location: Ottawa - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Yep - us. Mexico, Bumbershoot. Found you! Gorgeous photos, great site, when you coming out our way to play? 
From: Mike and Stacy in Seattle
Date: 27th Jun 2002 02:31:54
Location: Seattle - WA - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I stayed with my friend Cheryl this weekend. She put on your CD. I shouted to her in the kitchen "That's Laura Smith" (Actually I said your name wrong because I get confused - but she knew anyway). "How do you know her?" she asked So I told her I'd heard you on the radio - Peter Gzowski - a few years ago. I have just come back from two and a half years in Asia and I had just found your CD the previous day and was so happy to find it in a shoe box where I had left it. I only have about 30 CDs. We both love "I'm a beauty", but your voice and words are quite fantastic!! Will you come to Toronto? Live concerts are so great. Blessings to you, Margaret 
From: margaret
Date: 17th Jun 2002 14:17:19
Location: toronto - ont - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: ur awesome aaww yea!! 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 19th May 2002 13:35:43
Location: Sarnia - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura, you embarrass me! The only work I know by you is "My Bonnie" from "Fire in the Kitchen." Every time I listen to it, I get misty. And here I am, playing it at work, trying to not let my coworkers see me! No wonder I can't find your music in stores; you only sell it on the web. My wife and I will have to look into this further. We'd like to hear more of your unique voice. 
From: Alan Allegra
Date: 17th May 2002 17:09:54
Location: Bethlehem - PA - USA

Comments: Dear Ms Smith ( every one knew her as Suzie ) Nice to see your website up and running again. I found a link off of HUGHES ROOM in Toronto. My Wife and I are looking forward to seeing you in person on your tour of Australia. We hear your music on the radio here, and our fave is " 9 letter word " Well must be off to feed the Kangaroos Cheers! Drumdee & Sizzy " The Pattersons " #;o)~ 
From: Drumdee Patterson
Date: 29th Mar 2002 04:26:57
Location: West Pennant Hills S - NWS - Australia
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Your music and beautiful voice brings up many emotions for me. Hope you come out to BC and play in Nelson real soon. 
From: Wendy
Date: 23rd Mar 2002 01:06:16
Location: Genelle - BC

Comments: Dear Laura; Your performance at Broad Cove last night was fabulous! You really have it all-a voice that comes from the heart, superb guitar playing, that wacky sense of humour. Happy, happy Birthday- everyone there was lucky enough to receive a happy unbirthday present from you! Garry 
From: Garry Woodcock
Date: 17th Mar 2002 11:03:30
Location: Feltzen South - NS
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I missed your performance last year at the Chester Playhouse...sold out.When will you be in and around Nova Scotia again performing.It would be great to see you perform at the Stanfest in Canso or the Harbor fest in Lunenburg. 
From: Kim
Date: 16th Mar 2002 17:19:34
Location: halifax - canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: A day or two ago, I was 'between calls' in my car (I'm a sales rep), listening to CBC radio. It was a rather ordinary day, which is why I was caught off-guard by a particular song I heard, sung in an earthy, honest voice. I had never heard anything like it before, and it spoke to my long-standing insecurities and my struggle to accept myself. Driving down suburban tracks in my hometown, I staved off tears, and imagined how my three sisters, my mom, and my aunt would react if I played this song for them. I worried; I had already forgotten the name of the song and its songstress. However, Avril (Benoit -- I think it was her) re-announced both at the end of the tune. When I reached my next destination, I fished for my pen and wrote Laura Smith, ì'm a Beauty" in choppy letters on my brown, crumpled Harvey's bag. I just picked up the CD today, and it's wonderful! Thank you Laura! 
From: Melanie Iason
Date: 1st Mar 2002 19:42:17
Location: Hamilton - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: We really enjoyed your 27 February 2022 concert at the National Library. Being regulars at the Ottawa Folk Festival, it was there where we first heard you. We were sorry you were suffering with the sniffles last evening; but, like the real pro that you are, you did it and did it well .... your great voice was awesome as usual. And, thanks for including the Peter Gzowski material in the BIO here on your web site. That connected your on-stage comments about Peter for us. Best ........ Joan and Bob 
From: Joan and Bob Jones
Date: 28th Feb 2002 12:25:29
Location: Nepean (now Ottawa) - ON - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I'd love to see your videos on here - I haven't seen "Shade of your Love" in years and have never seen all of "My Bonny" and "Bells". That would be awesome! take care....... 
From: Jennifer
Date: 22nd Feb 2002 19:17:53
Location: charlottetown
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Laura, I am so taken with your song "My Bonnie", your voice is haunting! My husband and I promote and produce concerts here in Massachusetts, and we would love to have you come down and perform. If this interests you let us know. We have had Gordie Sampson down, and many other Maritime performers. Thank you so much for that song. 
From: Meg Sullivan
Date: 20th Feb 2002 15:25:26
Location: Deerfield - Mass - USA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I am so excited to have found this web site, and now I can go on to purchase and enjoy your cd's!! The only song I have of yours is "My Bonnie" from the Fire in The Kitchen CD, and everytime I hear it tears come to my eyes ! It is one of my 'desert island picks', you know, if you had to choose only a handful of songs you could hear while stranded on a desert island?! It is poetry in motion, thanks and I look forward to hearing more of your incredible voice! Lynn 
From: Lynn Whitacre
Date: 15th Feb 2002 20:54:10
Location: Ellensburg - WA
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Happy Valentines Day Laura!!! Just had to send the wish out after hearing from my friend Laurie Dobbs.....I do very much admire your music and await your return to Truro....I am still playing ...20 years after I left my last band...still inspired by musicians such as yourself.....keep 'em coming Laura...! 
From: jim mcconnell
Date: 14th Feb 2002 23:35:53
Location: truro - ns
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hi Laura: I saw you in Truro last time you were here. You commented on my bone carved necklace, and I told you she is the keeper of the gate, and I purchased it at my friends store on Inglis St. in Truro, Sea Shell Designs, she(Shelley Austin) was behind me in line that nite. I was so happy to meet you. I love your energy. Thank you for the most beautiful music in the world. Blessings, Laurie 
From: Laurie Dobbs
Date: 14th Feb 2002 18:49:26
Location: R.R. #1 Brookfield - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I just heard you on the radio. When are you coming to australia?  
From: andrew
Date: 12th Feb 2002 00:45:51
Location: melbourne - australia
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hey...My name is Laura too. This website rocks. 
From: Laura
Date: 5th Feb 2002 17:22:07
Location: Ord
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I was so glad to see that you have a new album. Your earthy sound is so captivating that I've almost worn out your 2 previous cds. New material is so welcome and past due. I am also e-mailing Home County, in hopes that somehow a visit could happen this summer. Bye for now, Edna May A. 
From: Edna Anderson
Date: 3rd Feb 2002 15:35:04
Location: London - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Hiiiii! i was just sorta surfin the web and i found this laura smith website! just thought it was cool... my name is Laura Smith too! lol! ok bye! 
From: Laura
Date: 29th Jan 2002 20:41:02
Location: San Diego - Cali - USA

Comments: Hello! A few days ago I erased all of my emails from the last year! Everything! I have no record of any of the wonderful folks who have emailed me... Please email me and let me start up my files again. I miss you! (: it won't happen again! :) 
From: It's Me, Laura
Date: 17th Jan 2002 13:17:55
Location: Chester - Nova Scotia
Email: [email protected]  

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Comments: Keep me posted as to where to attend concerts. First heard you at Stanfest'98 and then in Kingston, Brantford and Toronto. Then lost track of you. Your music reaches me with its gutsy honesty. Look forward to hearing from you 
From: Joannelynagh
Date: 12th Dec 2001 10:55:39
Location: NiagaraontheLake - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I would love to go to another Concert of yours and wonder if you are planning on coming to Windsor or London anytime soon? We went to your concert here in Windsor a couple of years ago and loved it, it just wasn't long enough! Just read your biography and didn't realise that you used to work at Smale's Place in London! We used to go there occasionally when living in London back in the 70's. I love your music and we don't hear enough of it on the radio these days! Thanks for the music, and good luck in the future. 
From: Andrea
Date: 1st Dec 2001 20:53:21
Location: Windsor - Ontario - Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: So thrilled you are coming back to 'town!! It's been much too long between gigs. See you at the Confed Centre on the 30th. :O) 
From: N/A
Date: 10th Nov 2001 14:35:01
Location: Ch'town
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Please let me know when you are next playing in the Moncton St John area of New Brunswick. Thank you for your music 
From: anna holdaway
Date: 1st Oct 2001 09:58:48
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I would love to be in the audience when you record your next CD at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. Your performance September 22 at Cathie Soubliere's was so wonderful. Thank you! 
From: Pam Mayhew
Date: 25th Sep 2001 10:27:54
Location: Ottawa - Ontario
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Great to see the web site up and running again looking forward to your up coming Ottawa Visit. Suzanne arrives in Canada Sept 14th, I on the other hand will be in recovery from surgery from Sept 18th to Oct 24th ..but I will be at your concerts in sprit enjoy the visit. Rp #;o)~ xoxox 
From: Richard & Suzanne Patterson
Date: 8th Sep 2001 04:00:11
Location: Sydney & Ottawa - NSW & ON - Australia & Canada
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: I love your honesty and big heart. I have listened to you ever since I moved here in 1989 from Toronto. Keep on inspiring us!  
From: Elisabeth Gold
Date: 31st Aug 2001 22:25:33
Email: [email protected]  

Comments: Your suggestions, comments and thoughts are always welcome! Cheers - Laura 
From: Laura Smith
Date: 19th Aug 2001 22:22:53
Location: Chester - Nova Scotia - Canada
Email: [email protected]